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Listen to your dreams

A while ago I had a dream that George Clooney flew in from LA to meet me for drinks in my home city.  “Oh yeah” I hear you thinking, but it was nothing like that.  It was very vivid and very colourful and I wondered what on earth it meant.  Once in a while I have these vivid dreams that are obviously trying to tell me something but dreams being dreams, they rarely spell it out.  I know the drill – figure out the similes and the metaphors and you’ll work it out, but I never dream with archetypal symbols, I guess because I don’t think archetypal thoughts.  If my conscious mind thinks obscure things, imagine what my subconscious can come up with!

I’m having a really bad day today.  In many ways my world fell apart a little bit more but in other ways I know what I have to do.  While my mind was coming up with answers which can only have been on a subconscious level, I figured out the George Clooney dream too.  No, it’s still nothing like that.

Gorgeous George represents the optimum waking dream of success with the novel.  You know, that Shangri-La of writing something that’s an overnight sensation, the movie rights of which are snapped up and you never have to worry again?  That optimum waking dream.  He represents it; he doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

Now, in the dream, I went to the bar and bought two double shots of single malt, single malt being my favourite. What’s my favourite thing to do? You guessed it – write. To get back to the table though, I had to walk (!) for miles along a long, crowded balcony and I knew I was running out of time for the meeting.  I should probably mention that the balcony wall was painted deep red and red in my dreams usually means the right way although it won’t be easy.  I did eventually get back and was greeted with a hug by Mr Clooney.

So, what does it all mean?   The dream means it’s going to be a longer, harder struggle to get the novel out than really it should be but I will get there and my goal will greet me with open arms. The message, really, is to keep going along that balcony even if I can’t even see my goal for a time. It will reappear. The obstacles were people and in waking that’s also true, but in the dream I just kept shouting and slowly they moved out of the way.

When my dreams are that vivid, they want to tell me something important and they were telling me that to be successful, I have to make that trip to the bar and then push my way through to the point where I can rest and relax and smile at the outcome. It might not be entirely predictive of how successful the novel will be, but it was predictive of the obstacles now faced and that things might be a longer time coming than if I didn’t have those people in my way. It all makes sense.

Listen to your dreams and don’t lose sight of them.  I can think of no better message for anyone with a creative soul.  Hope my subconscious dreams can help you hold on to your waking ones.