Journal of a Cat of Leisure

‘Slight’ departure from the murderous mindset, writing for my own entertainment as Fooby Cat in her guise of Foobyevsky.

Snippet: “The servant has been unfaltering in her attentiveness this past week. I call her servant but in truth she is a slave. She receives no payment for performing her duties although I upon occasion express my thanks by means of showing a certain degree of affection. I do not overstate either thanks or affection, you understand. There must always be an air of distance between Cat and slave. I go only so far as to wash my whiskers appreciatively if she serves food that is agreeable or to brush my face against her leg. The latter, of course, ensures that she bears a mark both of my scent and of my excess fur, and by that there can be no mistake throughout the neighbourhood that she is my slave and no-one else’s. But I digress.”

Body Count: 0 (1 enslaved)
Blood Spilled: None (but some juice)


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