Welcome to my WordPress pages.   Find a little bit about who I am and read some short stories, teasers and tasters from my writing.  I’ll lead you gently into my blood-soaked and macabre world.  Watch where you’re stepping.  It can get quite messy in there!

On your right as we arrive on the scene, are a few ‘rooms’ you may investigate at your leisure. Duck under the police tape and choose a door. Whichever one you pick, there’s plenty to see. From mild mannered opportunists to cannibalistic bloodbaths, there’s something to put you off that jammy doughnut with your morning coffee.

If you feel you’d rather be a little more prepared before you read, open the door marked Short Stories first. That takes you the longer way round but you can rely on the body count and blood spilled data to help you decide which door to open next. Come on in and take a look around. You never know – you just might like it!

5 responses to “Welcome”

  1. rich says :

    i guess england is where all the beautiful women are hiding.

  2. Kate Gilmore says :

    Most people who like my blog turn out to be if not totally weird, at least on another planet, so praise from a good and lively fiction writer is welcome as the flowers that are thinking of blooming this spring. Let’s say more to each other. Kate Gilmore

    • julietmchugh says :

      I’m only a little bit weird, Kate and then only when it amuses me to be so. Healthy fear of the men in white coats. Spring is long overdue so if I’ve brought a smile I’m glad 🙂 Yes, let’s say more, I’d like that 🙂

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