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All very exciting!

A day turns into two, turns into a week, turns into a month and before you know it you haven’t posted a blog in an age. I suppose nothing was happening about which to post. But now something has happened!

About a month ago, I sent off a short story to the National Flash Fiction Day competition. What you had to do was visit the 1000words Pinterest boards, choose an image and write up to 1000 words inspired by that image. I chose a pair of muddy boots because they immediately struck a chord.

Then about a week ago, I received an email from the lovely Natalie Bowers:

Congratulations! Your entry to the 1000words National Flash-Fiction Day 2013 competition has been successful and will be published on the website on Wednesday 5th of June. Thanks for entering!

On 22nd June, National Flash Fiction Day itself, I find out whether I’ve made the final three Editor’s Choice list. It’s amazing how long a time that is when you’re waiting for news. It’s also eerie that waiting in nervous anticipation would tie very closely to the subject of my story.

So where is this story? Well, I’ll give the hits to 1000words: Boots is a 1000 word story that I thoroughly enjoyed writing about something that moves me enormously and that none of us should ever forget and you can find it on the 1000words site now. Hope you like it too! Don’t forget to look at the other entries as well 🙂