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It lives…

Sort of. It sleeps a hell of a lot though. Inkredible will still happen. It haunts me every day and must be told in order to lay the ghost. Am in negotiations with my muse and hope to reach an agreement soon. More on that in a moment. I want to tell you all about some finished work by others that I think the world should see (click any of the images to link straight to a place to buy):

Winged Warriors – The Cold War from the Cockpit
by Paul McDonald

A memoir that reads like a novel charting the remarkable Royal Air Force career of Paul McDonald from young cadet to present day and his OBE awarded by Her Majesty the Queen for his service. From North East England to the Middle East. From steel town to steel nerves. This is a story of real people, real lives and real action told with a flair for writing and sense of humour uniquely Paul, uniquely British, uniquely RAF. In that order. Winged Warriors is a memoir for those that don’t usually read memoirs and fans of the genre alike. Inspiring on so many levels, all familial bias aside, I cannot recommend this enough. Read extracts and find out more on the website.

Northman by J D Hughes

A tense supernatural thriller steeped in history with some interesting perspectives on life, existence and the meaning of it all. This is a whole lot more than your average 21st Century supernatural novel; it has far more meat to its bones, no pun intended. Some very unexpected events and twists will leave you wondering just what is really happening and how in the hell it will all end up. Or perhaps whereabouts in hell. You’ll get attached to the characters and follow them into the madness hoping they’ll survive. A very good read and worth picking up by the fireside on these cold winter evenings. If you dare with so little daylight to chase away the Northman when he comes for you.

The Gatekeeper by Paul Watts

This is Paul’s debut and is a fast paced suspense novel with a bit of the supernatural, a bit of espionage, a bit of humour. Paul writes vivid characters and vibrant scenes so you feel like you’re there with Caxton delving in to the mystery threatening to consume his life. What would you do if you’d inherited more than just a private fortune? What would you think if you started hearing voices and seeing people that no-one else could see? How would it all change you? The Gatekeeper explores more than happenings.

Inkredible by oh, me!

Well my muse and I have been discussing the cover in quite some detail and have agreed that I shall print off the most bloody and colourful death scene and take it along to a tattoo studio I know, hand over the document, say read this and make me a part way version of this. Once surface healed, hand my camera to a friend and get pictures of the inking. Bit of Photoshop work by a very talented professional aka my lovely sister, titles, DPI, all the necessary tweaks and crops to make a book cover and that will be the Inkredible artwork. No-one can ever say I won’t suffer for my art! It will be done and the sequel is already queueing up in my mind. I’ll run out of skin before ideas!!