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Winged Warriors

So proud to announce on this blog, my heroic cousin’s memoirs of an astounding air force career, Winged Warriors: The Cold War from the Cockpit is now available to pre-order.

Paul McDonald’s 34 year RAF career has taken him far and wide to see and do things most of us only dream of. This is the stuff novels try to encapsulate, only here it’s all true.

Read extracts, a short biography, synopsis and view photographs at wingedwarriors.co.uk

I’m so proud of Paul. Not only did he do all of the things in this book, he also chose to share his experiences and tell it like it really was. From cadet to OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 1995, his are memoirs worth reading.

Visit the website for more information, or click the image above to go straight to the Amazon page (here for my friends in the US).