Who is Juliet?

Juliet McHugh is a thirty-something writer from the North East of England. When she’s not writing fiction, she writes technical documentation for a well-known software company.  Her career in the IT sector spans 12 years before which she worked with bikers and lorry drivers, local government and pharmaceuticals.  She likes what she does and says she rarely blushes anymore after her early working years.

She lives close to the Tyne and a cheap taxi fare from the centre of Newcastle.  She loves her hometown, especially when the sun shines, which is rare enough to be something really special!  Her stories are based all over the country.  “Sometimes I mentally walk around Newcastle when I’m writing, but not always.  I use unnamed locations so the stories could be happening in your town.  I like to think that makes them a more personal reading experience and helps the scenes come to life.”

Aside from writing, Juliet has been embroiled for some years in a tumultuous love affair with photography.  She uses her own photographic work to produce the cover images for her writing.

On the writing desk right now, she has a growing collection of short stories and her debut novel, Inkredible.

Say hi to Juliet – Twitter @JAMwrites | Goodreads


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