Meter Man

A rainy day, a retired man, his spend-thrift wife and a gas meter.  What could possibly go wrong?

Meter Man is a short story with a dark humour and a sinister open ending.  It will leave you questioning the most mundane of happenings.  A short read, you can download the free eBook now and enjoy it over your morning coffee!

Snippet: “She stood up, glaring, and stormed upstairs, her arms folded tightly across her chest, a scowl on her face to rival a petulant child freshly scolded.  I started the countdown in my head the second she left the room.  There was hardly any need.  The stamp of her feet on each step counted the seconds down just as clearly.  As soon as I heard the bedroom door slam shut behind her, I got up.  Giving it ten seconds for her to turn around and come screaming back down the stairs at me and confident that the turnaround window had passed, I went noiselessly into the hall and turned the heating down. The TV in the bedroom blared into life, hopped from channel to channel then settled.  Soap operas again.  Maybe I should have told her that once upon a time they would have been described as melodramas.  It would have put her off for certain.  She did so hate being referred to as melodramatic, not that I’d ever done so myself but I had witnessed the rage and mortification when her sister had.  She watched every single one of those soap opera things whenever she could and always had the volume turned up far beyond reasonable.  She wasn’t deaf or even approaching it, and I knew from a basic understanding of people that she did it to avoid conversing.  She had it turned up loud enough this time to require an entertainments licence for the street. She wanted me to react, so I ignored it and picked up the paper.”


Body Count: 1
Blood Spilled: Some

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