Melissa is a sensitive, often called a witch but she’s not so sure about that.  She writes a journal when things look like more than she can handle.

Shadows is a short story written as a journal.  What are the shadow things Melissa writes about and just what does it mean?

Snippet: “May 1st 2012 – Where to start.  I’ve never written any of this down before and it might not make much sense, but I think I need to start keeping some sort of journal in case anything happens to me.  All my life I’ve sensed things.  Presences, moods, feelings.  I only have to walk into a building and I can tell you if certain people are already there.  It doesn’t work with everyone.  I don’t know why it works with those that it does.  It’s just a weird thing I’ve always been able to do.  Thing is it works with more than just people.  I suppose some of the others are still people.  They’re just not living people.  So it works with non-corporeal people as well, if I think about how to put it nicely.  With more than just corporeal and non-corporeal people in fact.  There are animals – dogs and cats mostly – but there are other things that don’t come into the person or animal range.  I don’t know what they are or even how they are, but they are, and I sense them too.  Sometimes they’re bright and friendly and cheerful and don’t worry me at all.  Sometimes they’re dark and threatening shadow things and they terrify me and that’s not an easy thing to do.”

Body Count: 1
Blood Spilled: Not that much

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