Rib-eyed Break

How do you feel about family camping holidays?  Love them or hate them, trust me, they could be worse.

Rib-eyed Break is a short story that preys on the unsuspecting bickering family as they opt to spend summer cooped up together in a car and a tent.  As if that in itself wasn’t nightmare enough!

Snippet: “There were two men inside the shed and they were discussing something he couldn’t quite hear.  One of them drew a hunting knife from a sheath on his belt and pulled aside a heavy plastic curtain.  Sam almost fell through the door.  Hanging by the wrists, gagged and bound were people, some of them older, some of them young, some of them fat, some of them thin.  He watched, wide-eyed as the man with the knife lifted down the first in the row, a girl, maybe seventeen or eighteen.  She stirred slightly and groaned then seemed to come to a little more and tried to shout out though the gaffer tape across her mouth.  Her eyes were wild as she tried to wriggle free.  The man held her fast and didn’t seem at all concerned.  He slung her, face down over a wooden structure with a white plastic half pipe below it.  The other man was on his feet now and pulled out a stopper in the half pipe.  Sam tried to see what was going on but couldn’t quite make it all out.  The knife flashed and the first man grabbed the girl by the hair, stretching her neck, using his body weight to keep her steady and then slit her throat.”

Body Count: We never find out for sure
Blood Spilled: Lashings



8 responses to “Rib-eyed Break”

  1. J.D.Hughes says :

    As a perennial camper, I think I might give it a miss, for a while :O

  2. J.D.Hughes says :

    Can’t think of anything worse than being a celebrity. I’m a hero to my kids so that’s all I need (even if they’re wrong!). Would you like to be a celeb?

  3. J.D.Hughes says :

    That’s the tricky bit, I think. Famous, but unknown. Ah well, all reality is a construct, so it might be possible.

  4. J.D.Hughes says :

    As Kenneth Williams said, playing Julius Caesar in a Carry On: “Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it infamy…” Couldn’t resist, apologies.

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