The debut novel coming soon.  Bizarre deaths and macabre discoveries are mounting up.  Who will solve the mystery and put an end to the horror?  Inspector Walker, nearing retirement and disillusioned with the quiet life?  City detectives Downey, Matthews and Callaghan, vying to stay on top?  Max Markham, the nice guy who knows things he shouldn’t?  And what about Ivan, the amazing artist with a worrying smile?

Snippet: “The streets suffocated under a leaden weight of filth and noise, a fact to which he would never become accustomed. If it wasn’t the roar of a bus or the purr of a new saloon, it was the clamour of voices, the stomping of feet or the screaming of children. Even when the cacophonous chorus of human existence reached its closest pitch to silence, there was still the pressing awareness of so many thousand individual consciousnesses, each rumbling with its own concerns, merging in his mind into a constant, unstoppable thunderous groan. How he hated this place.”

Body Count: 18 and counting
Blood Spilled: Lashings

More snippets: Inkredible Extracts

15 responses to “Inkredible”

  1. J.D.Hughes says :

    I like your snippet and the ‘pressing awareness of so many thousand individual consciousnesses’. It’s why I live in the country. We only have voles here and they are barely conscious. Good writing.

    • julietmchugh says :

      Thank you kindly 🙂 I think Ivan is my misanthropic side trying to express itself.

      The voles are lulling you into a false sense of security. Have you never wondered about the word maleVOLEnt? Get more cats before it’s too late!!

  2. J.D.Hughes says :

    OMG! as people of limited vocabulary say. You are right! That explains why they have built a small city in my kitchen complete with passport control. Wiliiam is lax in that respect; he has never liked customs officials.

    More cats, bigger cats. Misanthropic cats. Cats unafraid of uniforms.

    • julietmchugh says :

      They rely on most people mistaking them for mice, but mice don’t restrict food imports. I think my cat is a double agent. She’s never killed a rodent in her life and that black cowl she wears so perfectly conceals her identity.

  3. J.D.Hughes says :

    William will teach her how to kill anything. Anything smaller, that is. I’ll send him up. Look out for a white cat who speaks English badly and avoids uniforms. Might be in possession of a machete. Best to disarm him using sardines.

  4. J.D.Hughes says :

    Try them out first, then hit him with the tin if he won’t relinquish the machete. Either that or frighten him with a small chicken.

  5. J.D.Hughes says :

    William is only scared of children with red hair; he ignores all others. You might try showing him a picture of a chicken.

    A word of advice; handing one’s children over is a common device employed by parents who have overbred and wish to lessen the financial burden. Don’t fall for the old “he/she will scare strange cats” ploy.

    • julietmchugh says :

      Oh, I don’t want to keep him. He makes noise and needs attention. I can get a red-haired child quite easily. Or manufacture one if the neighbour child will stay still long enough.

  6. J.D.Hughes says :

    Try staples. Not the stationery store. If that doesn’t work, a violent video game is sufficient to traumatise. Or William can disembowel a mouse in front of him/her.

  7. J.D.Hughes says :

    But not as much fun.

  8. Joe says :

    When will your book be available for sale? Can’t wait to review it.

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