Teensy teaser – Dr Peter Phelps

Tiny little taster from Inkredible, a snippet from ‘crime’ scene number two:

At the mention of his title Dr Phelps came over. “I don’t know what to think, Jim. The torso is like a bag of soup, but the skull and legs are intact. I’ll know more once we open him up, but I’d say his insides are a pulp. I’ve heard of similar things in accidents, people crushed between or under vehicles, but that’s extremely rare, I’ve never seen one, and how it might happen on a sofa in a first floor flat, I couldn’t begin to guess.”

“Ok doctor. No way the body could have been moved?”

“No way. We’re going to have a hell of a job getting him into a body bag without, well, to put it bluntly, without spilling him everywhere.”

The D.S. grimaced and decided he’d rather be elsewhere when that happened.

If you like a bit of grim and gruesome, Peter Phelps is the man.  The plain-speaking blitz-humoured coroner works round the clock to find answers on the rash of gruesome deaths in the city.  Even he struggles to deal with shocking things done to the victims coming in to his morgue.  He starts to see a pattern emerging and only prays someone puts an end to these horrible deaths and soon.


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About julietmchugh

Fiction writer from the North East of England with a taste for the gruesome and macabre.

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