Meet William Walker

William is an old fashioned policeman.  He follows hunches and doesn’t consult databases.  Nearing retirement, he thought transferring to a quiet country post would be a great way to ease into the years to come.  He was wrong.

“Even in the middle of nowhere, no, especially in the middle of nowhere, you couldn’t keep anything quiet.  The middle of nowhere had a grapevine the like of which you never saw in the city.  Out here everyone was interested.  Everything that happened was news because not very much generally happened.  A broken leg was headline news.  City folk might pay a passing notice to something and that was it, on to the next thing.  Country folk would watch every move with interest, give theories half of which would be superstitious and they would still be talking about it in ten years’ time because nothing else would happen in the meantime.  Walker thought it would be more comfortable out here; less overlooked.  He could not have been more wrong.  Everyone knew he got through a bottle of brandy a week, did his laundry on Saturdays and the Times crossword on Sundays.  With nothing but space for a mile in any direction, you could feel intensely claustrophobic.”

With the discovery of human remains and lots of them, he wishes he’d stayed in the city.  Now he has to find out who these people were and he doesn’t look forward to much help from the locals, especially when it turns out the first seven burials are about 140 years old.  He has a bad feeling and knows this is something much bigger than the experts seem to think.

Little does he know he’s about to be caught up in a current investigation and more mysterious deaths as Inkredible unfolds.


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About julietmchugh

Fiction writer from the North East of England with a taste for the gruesome and macabre.

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