The Prologue

Well I finally found my way to WordPress to build up a picture of where things are at with my writing.  At the moment I guess it looks like everything’s a work in progress, and whilst appearances can often be deceptive, this time really they’re not.  Work is very much in progress though and there’ll be new updates added at every milestone.  A milestone, to the sane and rational folk who don’t do project speak, is the bit where you crack open a beer and put your feet up for five minutes.

The most recent milestones (and I promise I won’t always use that term) are the completion of Sabbatical, a short story pending beta feedback and a new thread woven in to the very icky tapestry that is Inkredible.

I get more excited about Inkredible as it grows and I really like my leading man.  He’s my kind of people as they say who abandon all grammatical logic to get their point across.  The body count currently stands at 18 confirmed.  It’s getting a bit cramped in the morgue and someone must surely figure it all out and put a stop to the killings soon!


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About julietmchugh

Fiction writer from the North East of England with a taste for the gruesome and macabre.

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